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Electronic Component Inventory Management & Inspection Services

At Part Locator, we provide electronic component procurement at scale with services designed to meet the requirements of contract manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As a leading B2B broker specializing in electronic components and parts, we deliver outstanding value-added services alongside robust in-house inspection solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Our services include electronic component inventory management, barcoding, and meticulous testing to ensure that our parts are genuine. Our capabilities reduce electronic component lead times to ensure a smooth and efficient electronic component procurement process.


Value Added Services:

◎ Military Packaging
◎ Programming
◎ Bake and Dry Pack
◎ Bar Coding
◎ Vendor Managed Inventory
◎ Asset Recovery Services
◎ Electrical Function Testing (Outsourced)

In-House Inspection Services:

◎ X-Ray
◎ Solderability Testing
◎ Hot Solvent Testing
◎ Die Verification
◎ Microscope Inspection

Value Added Services

Part Locator offers an extensive range of solutions designed to cater to the specific requirements of our diverse clientele. Our programming service provides efficient firmware and software updates for your devices.

engineers managing an electronic component inventory

Our bake and dry pack service effectively eliminates moisture from sensitive electronic components, preventing potential damage during storage and transportation. With barcoding, we can streamline your electronic component inventory management by assigning unique identifiers to each electronic component and its packaging for traceability.

By working with us for a vendor-managed inventory, we can help optimize your supply chain by monitoring stock levels and replenishing electronic components as needed, reducing your electronic component lead times. We can also arrange for testing of electrical functions to ensure the accuracy, performance, and reliability of your parts.

In-House Inspection Services

With Part Locator’s in-house inspection services, you can be confident that your parts are genuinely products of their manufacturers, and that they’re working as advertised.

Once you’ve found your electronic components, we use a comprehensive suite of tools that includes X-Ray and XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analysis to examine electronic component internals and verify material composition without causing any damage.

engineers inspect electronic components

Our heated solvent testing service detects remarked, resurfaced, and counterfeit electronic components by subjecting them to a hot solvent that reveals tampering. The die verification process involves decapsulation and examination of the die within to confirm its authenticity and functionality.

Our services also include inspection by microscope to scrutinize electronic component surfaces, leads, and markings, ensuring they meet industry standards and specifications. Rigorous inspection processes such as these enhance electronic component inventory management and guarantee the integrity of your electronic components.

By offering this extensive range of value-added and In-house inspection services, Part Locator is committed to delivering unparalleled solutions that ensure high-quality, reliable, and authentic electronic components, ultimately safeguarding your business’s reputation and success.

what we do

Power Management

Our range of power management solutions includes voltage regulators and converters, to help you manage power effectively.


We offer a range of robotics solutions, including motors, sensors, and controllers, to help you build advanced robotics applications.

Lighting Solutions

We understand the importance of reliable lighting solutions and offer LED drivers, lighting controllers, and other lighting products to help you get the job done.


We offer a range of automation solutions, including motors and controllers, to help you streamline your electronic component inventory management processes and reduce costs.

Semiconductor Solutions

We only offer top-quality electronic components from trusted manufacturers. Our semiconductor solutions include microcontrollers, power management ICs, and other reliable electronic components

Sensors and Transducers

We provide sensors and transducers for gathering data in a variety of applications with short electronic component lead times.


Our selection includes circular cables for heavy-duty applications, fiber optics cables for high-speed data transmission, and RF cables for wireless communication systems.


We provide reliable and durable connectors, including RF connectors perfect for wireless communication systems, Mil-Spec connectors ideal for military and aerospace applications, and circular connectors commonly used in heavy-duty applications.

Hardware and Fasteners

We offer a wide range of hardware and fasteners, including board spacers, screws, bolts, and knobs, to fit your specific needs and ensure seamless integration.


Elevate your project with capacitors, crystals, and oscillators to help you filter signals, stabilize voltage, and generate accurate frequencies.

With the expertise to handle electronic component inventory management to reduce lead times and provide services like electronic component barcoding, Part Locator is a partner you can trust.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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