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Discover the ultimate electronic components search engine – Part Locator. Our platform is the best resource for anyone looking to simplify their electronic component search process.

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The Leading Electronic Components Database​

One of the hallmarks of Part Locator is our extensive electronic component finder search engine. It draws from the available parts of over 5000 suppliers.

Find electronic components by part number, manufacturer, and even technical specifications. Additionally, our filter options enable users to narrow their search, providing refined results that cater to their unique requirements. With our advanced resources, you can rely on Part Locator to provide quick and relevant answers to streamline your electronic component search.

Who is Part Locator Search For?

Part Locator is a database for the electronic components used by contract manufacturers and other businesses looking to source parts in the hundreds to the tens of thousands of units. These are parts used in manufacturing and assembly, not for general repair and replacement.

What Kinds of Parts are in the Database?

Our electronic component search engine can be used to locate parts used in dozens of industries. Here are a few of our most common part types.

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