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Parts Supply Chain and Supply Chain Issues

At Part Locator, we can help you overcome parts supply chain hurdles with a quick turnaround on electronic components for your project. With access to over 70 million electronic components and 5000+ suppliers, we can help you find the component your production needs or help guide you to a suitable replacement. Even if our suppliers don’t have a part, we’ll track down a supplier who does and deliver it to you in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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Supply Chain Services

We understand the challenges faced by access inventory managers, buyers, engineers, and other professionals when procuring these parts. Electronic components for your supply chain can be hard to find, and it can be difficult to determine their authenticity. As a trusted electronic parts supplier, Our quick turnaround times ensure fast delivery of the components needed for your production. Our support can minimize the disruption of your supply chain to keep your timeline on track and project under budget.
We offer a range of short lead time options to manage your electronic component procurement process well. Whether you need to find an alternative to an established part or a part that a manufacturer has discontinued, we have the expertise and resources to help you overcome your parts supply chain challenges. We offer expedited electronic component procurement to meet the needs of access inventory managers on tight timelines. You can maintain inventory levels even with unexpected demand or supply chain disruptions.

Our Emphasis on Quality Parts

At Part Locator, we are committed to providing fast access to supply chain electronic components.

We have a quality control process to ensure your components are genuine to their manufacturer. Counterfeit parts have the potential to be a huge quality issue for all kinds of productions. Our team extensively tests for knockoffs. We’ve invested over one million dollars in detection and testing equipment to ensure component authenticity.

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We use several testing types like X-ray, XRF, solderability testing, hot solvent testing, die verification, and microscope inspection in our parts supply chain to check for any counterfeit products. Our custom solutions and equivalent replacements also ensure that you have access to the quality parts you need, even if they are no longer available on the market.

This attention to detail is why we’ve worked with many of our partners for decades, and with the trust and long-standing relationships with manufacturers, we can get excellent deals on electronic components for your supply chain. We pass those savings on to you.

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