Hard-to-Find Electronic
Parts and Components

Part Locator can help you source Hard-to-Find electronic components from over 5000 authorized manufacturers in our supplier network. Our clients trust us to source only genuine hard-to-find electronic parts and components through our extensive quality control and product testing processes. If our suppliers don’t carry the product you need, our team of experts will find and source a high-quality product to meet your technical specifications.

The Benefits of Working with Part Locator

Quality Assurance

Our internal process relies on extensive quality assurance, using the latest machinery and processes to ensure only genuine parts. We test all manufactured products using X-Ray, XRF, hot solvent, and solderability testing, as well as microscope inspection and die verification.

Technical Knowledge

Our staff members have an average of a decade of experience in the electronics field, and are experts at understanding how your technical requirements affect the bottom line. We source only genuine, quality-tested products from our network of manufacturers to find hard-to-find electronic components that meet our clients’ needs.

Product Inspection

We customize our inbound and outbound inspection processes according to our clients’ specific requirements and standards. Part Locator’s inspectors are fully-trained and certified to meet the latest IDEA STD 1010, AS6081, CCAP101, and AS5553 standards. Our inspection process includes counterfeit detection to ensure that we provide only genuine products, and we are continually improving our QA and inspection processes to decrease our lead time.

Our Services

Aside from sourcing hard-to-find electronic parts from our catalog of over 125,000 products, our add-on services include bar-coding, programming, asset recovery services, and vendor-managed inventory. We also offer firmware and software updates as well as bake and dry packing as part of our vendor-managed inventory service.

Talk to a Hard-to-Find Electronic Components Expert

Use our search tool to find hard-to-find electronic components or submit an RFQ. Our team of experts will get back to you shortly with a cost estimate and expected delivery time.