3M Electronic Components

Part Locator is an Authorized 3M Components Distributor

3M is a reliable manufacturer of electronic parts. Part Locator is a distributor of 3M electronic components. You can search our database for parts made by 3M and 5000+ other manufacturers.

About 3M

Founded in 1902 as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M is a US Multinational conglomerate that manufactures several products, including electronic components for industry, worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods. 3M’s extensive electronic components portfolio and commitment to innovation have led to the development of numerous breakthrough technologies and products.

Top Electronic Components Manufactured by 3M and Distributed by Part Locator

  • Connectors and Cable Assemblies: 3M produces high-quality connectors and cable assemblies crucial for interconnecting various electronic devices. Their connectors are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring seamless connectivity in critical applications.


  • Tapes and Adhesives: 3M is famous for its adhesive technologies, indispensable in the electronics industry for bonding components, insulating circuits, and protecting against environmental factors. Products like 3MTM VHBTM Tapes have become industry standards. 

  • EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions: To combat electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in electronic devices, 3M offers a range of shielding solutions. These materials safeguard sensitive electronics from external interference. 

  • Heat Management Products: Efficient heat management is essential for electronic devices to operate optimally. 3M provides thermal interference materials and heat sinks designed to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring device longevity.

  • Electrical Insulation Materials: For electrical safety and reliability, 3M produces electrical insulation tapes and products that help protect against electrical shorts, arc tracking, and moisture ingress.
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Part Locator: An Authorized 3M Electronic Components Distributor

Part Locator is a trusted electronic components distributor that works closely with manufacturers to help source the exact parts you need at scale and as quickly as possible. Here are some benefits of sourcing 3M parts through Part Locator.

  • Fast Lead Times: Part Locator ensures to get the lead times on ordered parts down from months to days. While delivery times and costs vary based on source location, size, and number of products, Part Locator will work with you to ensure that the parts are delivered on time.

  • Quality Products: Part Locator’s quality control department is top-notch, with over 1 million dollars invested in test equipment to ensure genuine parts. Therefore, purchasing 3M electronic components through Part Locator guarantees genuine, high-quality products that have undergone testing.

  • Expert Guidance: Part Locator has knowledgeable and experienced sales representatives who are adept at identifying and sourcing the right parts. Therefore, customers can talk to sales representatives who know their order and business to ensure the correct parts sourcing.

  • Access to 3M’s Extensive Catalog: Part Locator has access to 3M’s extensive catalog, including many hard-to-find parts that other distributors cannot find. Furthermore, Part Locator’s partnership with 3M means they can get excellent deals on parts, often passed on as savings to customers.

  • Value Added Services: Part Locator also offers multiple services added on ordered parts. These include programming, barcoding, vendor-managed inventory, and asset recovery prices, which save customers a lot of time and resources.

Source 3M Components For Your Supply Chain

3M’s partnership with Part Locator ensures quality products for customers to build and maintain reliable technologies. If you need an authorized 3M electronic components distributor to help you source components for your project, contact Part Locator, Search for the component here, or submit an RFQ.